by NovakAttacK

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released 12 February 2013



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Track Name: Bag Of Snakes
I wanna make up a dance, I wanna make a new brand of life.
I wanna take it so far I don't remember the day or time.
I want a mother to dance, I want a brother to end the fight.
I wanna land on the sun and tell that bitch I'm spending the night.

I come equipped with a pen and a page and a synthesizer.
I have my coffee and check my mail, I'm an early riser.
And money's always a thang 'cuz I'm as real as my energy bill.
But I keep doin' and doin' my thang, I don't give a shiza.

I imagine the clubs, I imagine the crowd.
I imagine the love, I imagine it loud.
And I imagine the jams driving me into perpetual bliss.
And I imagine that it doesn't get any better than this.

I'm always wearing my shades, I'm always trying to protect my eyes.
I'm always telling the truth cuz I don't ever have shit to hide.
I always scream at the mic so I don't break any family ties.
But it's the beat in my head that turns me into a....

Track Name: BlazorFade
I write my poems in the stars for all to see
They make me change my words, it makes it hard to breathe.
My voice is all I got to put my point across,
And with every word I say, I know there is a cost.

I'd love to help you through you troubled time of need.
My heart is open to the things I can't believe.
There must be something we can do to break it off.
In my religion only Music is the God.

My words like razors in my mouth they cut the beat.
They have no place in conversations on the street.
I like my space, I need some room to move around.
I taste, I test, I must be crazy.....

Some folks will never get the message, time is up.
They'll hate until they see that no one gives a fu....

...uck me, I'm a junky, I can never get enough.
NovakAttack a track and then release the flood.